Waiting For the Sun

What did that man think,
the first one who stood relieved
and exhausted to have made it
through night and still feel
his blood humming in his ears?

How was the world expressed to him and by him
without the stain of our modern modes of expression?
To think of the world as the great
Unknown dark, and full of gods who slept
beneath the thin skin of the earth.

How does one ever know what to say? Standing there, in
something like awe or terror and looking at the
sun on the horizon pulling through the clouds
like a candle through a keyhole. To believe that you're
at the edge of existence herself,
and wondering how long it will last.

Cody Badaracca grew up in North Routt County, Colorado, near the town of Clark. He dreams about living in the desert of New Mexico or the bayou of Louisiana if for no other reason, the mild winters and variety of reptiles.

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