Urban PMS Rendition

A strange, yet familiar face,
glued to the windows of shops.
A detached gaze,
engrossed in all the details
A smile smeared across the hollow face.
Footsteps lost along the hurried streets.
Shadows of doubt peaking from every corner.
And a soul yearning to be free.
Roles are played,
but were never intended to be.
Prisons without walls,
extending beyond the horizons
Bits and pieces of realities,
scattered hopelessly.
Illusions rampant on every street.
Do not despair.
Do not dismay.
Patience will pay.
So they say.
Order shall rule.
March to the beat of the hollow drum,
twirl in the wind
Or you shall seize.
The streets will get more hurried,
the hollow drum will beat louder
the bleak voice will recite the chant,
the lost footsteps will dance in forged harmony.

Abir Wood was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon. He lived through seventeen years of war before coming to Penn State to pursue a graduate degree in nutrition. In 2008 he won an honorable mention in the 77th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition in the mainstream/literary short story category and was published in Cooweescoowee. He has also published technical articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals and developed the contents of a website, www.diabetesbitsandpieces.info.

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